Model, fashion designer:

Laura Chaplin

Über mich

Phases & faces of an extraordinary artist

Laura Chaplin, 51 shades of a rainbow
Model, fashion designer, vamp and woman of style..but always, „the artist“…

About the artist

Charlie Chaplin’s grandchild

Born in 1987, grew up in Manoir de Ban in Vevey Switzerland (Charlie’s last home) .

At 11 years old Laura moved to England where she continued her studies and finished her A levels in French, Film studies, Art and Psychology. 2008 she returned to Switzerland.

„2010 started painting for a profession but otherwise I have always loved painting since I was a small child (first exposition 2011)“

Why painting? – I just love to create. Not always comfortable with words, I love the way I can express myself through art, it allows me to free my mind. Since I was a small child growing up at the Manoir de Ban (Charlie’s home) I used to sell my drawings to all visitors for 1 to 5 CHF! I didn’t think art could become my job, as for me it was never a task but a necessity for my well being!! the beautiful part of it all is the giving, give someone else that emotion, a sense or a memory. Every painting has a story to be told.

Some of her paintings

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