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Martial Arts Expo

During these two days, martial arts and sports are going to be presented to a large public at the MHE Martial Arts Expo. Discovering or meeting friends again. Internationally distinguished athletes, such as Olympic athletes, European and World Champions as well as Masters ranging up to the rank of Grandmaster 9th Dan are going to give people of all age and skill level an insight into a great variety of martial arts styles. An event for everyone!

What you can expect at the
MHE Martial Arts Expo

Multiple one-hour workshops (Brazilian Jitsu, Swordsmanship, Karate, Nunchaku, Muay-Thai-Kickboxing, DCT, Taekwondo, Pencak Silat, Taiji/Tai Chi und Ving Tsun / Wing Chun and much more) for a reasonable price

"Kids Talent Competition little WuShido©", the young talent’s martial arts competition for kids, supported by the cantonal Sports Department and a talent jury

solid, 2014 first time established “Action Movie Fighting” Board: Take part at our Saturdays work shop and into a first shooting for possible future roles within our EMAC-Productions (No bs, you do not need to buy you in. Stay/be aware of a lot of crooks and unhealthy people within this business)

a „Best of Demos“- presentation including the best MHE performances from this year

equipment supplier Budosport Nippon ZH (budo.ch) will be on site

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European Martial Arts Council
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