Awarding process

Every candidate’s record will be checked and verified by the „MHE WuShido Award © Committee 2017“ (see terms and conditions, guidelines). The committee consist of internationally renowned and highly-ranked masters and mentors. Neither the participation in nor the honors received at of the WuShido Award ©-Gala­dinner entail a membership of the „European Martial Arts Council“ (EMAC). The EMAC is a council which is currently establishing itself as an international association. The policy of the EMAC includes the specific promotion of (young) talents and the sense of community among martial artists? on a high level of proficiency with people who strongly devote themselves to their cause. You will find more information about the EMAC in the statutes.


Categories and nomination criteria

1. European Pioneer of Martial Arts
  • Great devotion and extraordinary achievements regarding "No Bullying in Schools" / anti bullying campaigns (focus on task, no self-promotion)
  • Commitment linked with scientific work and/or special procedures linked to MA/CS
2. European Martial Arts Masters and Athlets
  • High ranking competitor in any of the following Professional Fighting Leagues: (UFC, PRIDE, WKT WKA etc.) or
  • more than one World Champion Title
  • or multiple higher rankings in European competitions (from 1st to 4th rank)
  • rank must be 1st Dan or higher
3. European Grand Masters and Martial Arts Founders
  • A master who founded more than one school; still active as a nurturing and enriching Head of School.
  • A Grand Master who is held in high esteem as a reliable and generous mentor by a great number of masters.
4. Legend of the Martial Arts – Inductee to Wall of Honor 2017
  • Departed Masters of their Art, nationally and internationally renowned fighters; 2nd Dan or higher
  • Masters of 2nd Dan and higher without competition record or international? ranking, but well-known and highly appreciated during their lifetime.
5. Great Supporter of European Martial Arts Development
  • Sponsors: Delivering financial support (EUR 1,500 and above per time) over at least 3 years for an athlete or athletes, club(s), martial arts organisation(s) and/or tournaments.
  • Parents / Partners: Criteria: having the best interests for their student/child; healthy ambition. Ongoing selfless support and care for their child/student/partner, even by regularly subordinating their own needs to the benefit of their child/student/partner.
6. Martial Arts Master Instructors Spirit
This category applies to seminar experts only The winner of this award will be selected by all referents together Criteria:
  • Appearance / behavior, structuring of the seminar, technical focus/orientation ? (precision, flow, hardness / proportionality), committment to MHE / EMAC in general
7. Humanitarian and Protection – Silent Hero
  • For non-MA who saved someone's life without causing collateral damage - civilian and / or Law enforcement / armed forces.
  • For non-MA who lost their life in action when trying to save someone’s life - civilian and / or law enforcement.
  • For non-MA who actively and outstandingly supported humanitarian work in war zones, areas of civilian crises and other similar situations.
  MHE WuShido © Award Committee


We look for people who represent the values of martial arts and sports or who have earned great respect in the world of martial arts until 21st of March 2017. These people are chosen based on seven different categories.

Do you know anyone of whom you are convinced that he or she deserves to be nominated for an MHE WuShido© Award? Or do you think you could be nominated yourself? The winners of this award will be listed together with their school in the martial-arts directory as well as in the media, our MHE-website and our facebook group.

The seven categories and their criteria for nomination are listed on this page.

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