Excerpt from EMACs statutes

Art. 2 Purpose

2.1 The purpose of the Association is to establish a high professional council in the matters of Martial Arts; especially “no bully campaign“, “anti youth crime programs“, “fighting against domestic violence“, “fair sportsmanship“ and “martial arts movies“ are motivation to represent internationally the core values: Consectatio – Integritas – Exellentia – Sodalitas (Striving – Integrity – Highest Standards – Companionship/fellowship).

2.2 To recognize an unlimited amount of extraordinary martial artists regardless their sex, ethnicity, relegion and/or age according an indepth evaluation procedure, through the executive board of the European Martial Arts Council. At no time external association, group, entity or individual will have an influence on the decission. Nevertheless any entity is welcome to bring any important information to the council’s attention which might be from great importance before the recognition has taken place. The proper way to approache the executive board in such matters is display on its media (facebook i.E.).

2.3 Awarding rescue forces and outstanding achievements in the field of Army, Police and Civilians might be a part of the recognition.

2.4 Organize and lead official events such a “Masters Hall of Fame & honor Europe“ or similar.

2.5 Selling EMAC patches, shirts and all kind of items to finance opertional work of EMAC.

2.6 Supporting martial artists all over the world with knowledge and possible means.

2.6 Supporting the non benefit character, between a quarter and a third – after fees and expenses – shall be donated to the benefit chosen institutions in a year by year basis, such as a hospital for children with terminal cancer or supporting kids at integration by specific martial arts programs hosted/monitored by officials.

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